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Quack reviews


Shotgun Players pulls off ‘Quack’ via Zoom

Shotgun’s witty ‘Quack’ on Zoom is close to real theater, and it’s deliciously entertaining

Streams go wild, from ‘King Lear’ to ‘Three’s Company’

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Bend the Rules, Eat the Head by Micael Bolgar (SF Fringe Festival, Best of Fringe Winner)

80 year old faux drag queen, Ms. Durda Devil, gets dumped just moments before the 50th anniversary of her famous drag show, her and her #1 fan Rudolph must collect her shattered heart and try to finish the drag show incorporating clown, bouffon, dark humor, satire, and drag.
Photo credit: Micael Bolger


Hope’s Last Chance by Rod McFadden (Wily West Productions)

Photo credit: Jim Norrena


Gorgeous Hussy by Morgan Ludlow (Wily West Productions)

Fans of Joan Crawford will find delight with Morgan Ludlow’s new two-hander. As the elderly movie star, Susan Jackson gives a fine impersonation, convincing us that we are in the presence of cinematic royalty. As her interviewer, Ryan Hayes gives a performance that is full of unexpected twists and surprises.
– Charles Kruger, SF Examiner
Susan Jackson and Ryan Hayes deliver compelling portrayals of Joan Crawford (with or without her wig). But what Gorgeous Hussy really achieves is a clinical dissection of the perverse power of celebrity and the dangers of trying to live up to one’s publicity.
— George Heymont, Huffington Post
Photo credit: Jim Norrena

It’s All in the Mix by Barbara Jwanouskos (All Terrain Theater)

An interactive, site-specific production about a female DJ coming up in the Bay Area DJ scene, performed in the back of Vamp Record Store in Oakland.
Photo credit: Tracy Held Potter


Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas (Cornish College of the Arts)